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Simple, yet powerful. Learn how to use Blowfish and its features.

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This section contains everything you need to know about Blowfish. If you’re new, check out the Installation guide to begin or visit the Samples section to see what Blowfish can do.

Welcome to Blowfish 🐡

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Blowfish is packed with tons of features. The original aim of Blowfish was to develop a theme that was simple and lightweight. The theme is a fork of Congo and expands its initial vision.


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Simply follow the standard Hugo Quick Start procedure to get up and running quickly. Detailed installation instructions can be found below. Instructions for updating the theme are also available. Installation # These instructions will get you up and running using Hugo and Blowfish from a completely blank state.

Getting Started

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This section assumes you have already installed the Blowfish theme. The config files that ship with Blowfish contain all of the possible settings that the theme recognises. By default, many of these are commented out but you can simply uncomment them to activate or change a specific feature.


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Blowfish is a highly customisable theme and uses some of the latest Hugo features to simplify how it is configured. The theme ships with a default configuration that gets you up and running with a basic blog or static website.

Homepage Layout

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Blowfish provides a fully flexible homepage layout. There are two main templates to choose from with additional settings to adjust the design. Alternatively, you can also provide your own template and have complete control over the homepage content.


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Thumbnails # Blowfish was enhanced in order to make it easy to add visual support to your posts. To do so, you just need to place an image file (almost all formats are supported bue we recommend .

Front Matter

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In addition to the default Hugo front matter parameters, Blowfish adds a number of additional options to customise the presentation of individual articles. All the available theme front matter parameters are listed below.


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In addition to all the default Hugo shortcodes, Blowfish adds a few extras for additional functionality. Alert # alert outputs its contents as a stylised message box within your article. It’s useful for drawing attention to important information that you don’t want the reader to miss.


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Analytics # Blowfish provides built-in support for Fathom Analytics and Google Analytics. Fathom is a paid alternative to Google Analytics that respects user privacy. Fathom Analytics # To enable Fathom Analytics support, simply provide your Fathom site code in the config/_default/params.

Content Examples

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If you’ve been reading the documentation in order, you should now know about all the features and configurations available in Blowfish. This page is designed to pull everything together and offer some worked examples that you might like to use in your Hugo project.

Advanced Customisation

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There are many ways you can make advanced changes to Blowfish. Read below to learn more about what can be customised and the best way of achieving your desired result.

Hosting & Deployment

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There are many ways to deploy your Hugo website built with Blowfish. The theme is designed to be flexible in almost any deployment scenario. Blowfish is built using relative URLs throughout the theme.

Firebase: Views & Likes

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In order to be able to support dynamic data across your website we’ve added the support to integrate Firebase. This will allow you to use the views feature across lists and posts.